Value Chains for Forests and Wood

The idea is to increase value-added from forests and in regional wood processing addressing new markets with an attractive concept.


Value chains for forest and wood

Timber construction firehouse Steinbach (Region Eisenwurzen) Author: G. Gerald

Value chains for forest and wood 

Langscheidtalm Region Eisenwurzen Author: G. Gerald


Biogeographical Region

Central, continental

Ecosystem Services

Tourism and Recreation, biodiversity, timber

Initial Pioneer Innovations

Network approaches

Innovation Stage

Articulation/ consolidating


  • What is the innovation about?

    The idea is to increase value-added from forests and in regional wood processing addressing new markets with an attractive concept. On a regional level, the innovation is expected to lead to a more sustainable forest management and an increased collaboration of stakeholders from forestry, public administration, regional planning, tourism, and traditional craftsmanship in order to create value and support local jobs.


    Initially, the innovation focused on a consumer demand-driven design, production, and marketing of high-value furniture goods, and its possible impact on remote areas with high land-use shares in forestry and high ecological standards. In the course of the project, it has been opened up in order to integrate other, broader ideas coming from stakeholders in the region. For example, collaborations between designers and carpenters as well as with regional development agencies have been initialized and are still in a process of change.

  • When was the innovation established, and by whom?

    This innovation was initiated and established in the context of the project “Modular furniture from National park regions“ (2011-13); funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the European program „Europäische Territoriale Zusammenarbeit, Grenzübergreifendes Förderprogramm Interreg Bayern–Österreich 2007 – 2013.

    This project was developed and led by STUDIA Schlierbach. Other direct partners were the “Möbel- und Holzbaucluster (MHC)”, located in Linz / Upper Austria, and the C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. (Netzwerk Forst und Holz), located in Straubing / Bavaria in the vicinity of the German National Park Bayerischer Wald.


News and Events

Our Forest Our Future: Sustainable forest management to address societal challenges

25 April 2019 / Seminar

Kick-off meeting InnoForESt

27 November 2017 / associative partner

Around 45 experts from the forestry sector representing 17 institutions gathered for the first time in Berlin to welcome the InnoForESt, a H2020 Innovation Action project.

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