The overarching objective of InnoForESt is to steer policies and businesses through the establishment of new actor alliances and payment schemes in the forestry sector demonstrating the feasibility of alternative income streams from forest ecosystem services not yet harnessed by traditional markets. InnoForESt has established four specific objectives to be targeted.

Objective 1:
Synthetizing information on forest ecosystem service provision

InnoForESt will synthesise the elements of a large and – so far – disparate body of information on forest ecosystem services. It will merge European and national level information on forest ecosystem conditions and services, institutions, actors, management systems and governance innovations.

Objective 2:
Understanding success factors of novel policy and business models

Understanding the role of the biophysical conditions of forest ecosystems, as well as the institutional context in which policy instrument mixes and business models evolve, is critical for successful implementation of novel solutions.

Objective 3:
Upgrading, upscaling and mainstreaming

InnoForESt unites a range of core stakeholders for testing, assessing, and implementing governance innovations for forest ecosystem service provision. The six case studies serve as starting points for the formation of regional, national, and European network initiatives and the upgrading and upscaling of innovations.

Objective 4:
Provisioning of policy and business recommendations

InnoForESt will demonstrate the successful implementation of governance innovations in real world contexts. InnoForESt will not only provide practical insights into strategic partnership formation but also the inclusion of key stakeholders, the concrete design of compensation and payment schemes, as well as fostering and hindering factors for creating an innovative environment.

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