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The emergence of governance innovations for the sustainable provision of European forest ecosystem services: A comparison of six innovation journeys

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With this study we assess the process of establishing and developing novel niche innovations for sustainable forest ecosystem services governance. We chose a comparative qualitative analysis approach and conceptually built on, transfer and adapt insights from innovation research.

In the following we present the conceptual background and our empirical analysis of the Innovation Journeys in our six Innovation Regions.


In this study we proceed in an abductive manner, instead of a deductive-nomological logic. That is, both theoretical and empirical considerations flow into the structure and execution of the analysis. Here we provide an overview of the process of data collection, analysis and visualization, and the conceptual aspects of Innovation Journeys. Furthermore, we provide in introduction to the theoretical background and our adaptation of the Innovation Journey concept.

Innovation Journeys

We conducted an empirical analysis of the Innovation Journeys of InnoForESt’s six Innovation Regions.

Wood & Forest Value Networks

Habitat Bank

Love the Forest education

Forest Share
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Forest Pasture Management

Collective Governance
Liberec Region
Czech & Slovak Republics

Context Information

The following indications are intended to help you get to know the approach we have taken a little better.

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Transversal Analysis

In this section, we present the collected and compared findings from the innovation journeys. With this we aim to uncover patterns, commonalities and differences.

Conclusion & Outlook

The perspective of Innovation Journeys has been central to this report. It entails the reinvigoration of an innovation studies concept and its insertion into forest ecosystem services governance thinking. In the following, we shed light on what adopting this perspective brings to the table and also reflect on some of the shortcomings of the approach


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